Damn, I hate studying… At this point, I’m tempted to just accept a passing grade on my exams.

Holy shit. Who knew there was a huge difference between 10* and 11* difficulties?

So stuff came in, today.


Hi, new followers. I don’t use this shit that much, so I’ll leave my Twitter here for you people if you want faggotry crap from me. Please lemme know what’s your URL so that I can follow back, blah blah blah.

Edit: If you want my Skype, just send me a message or something.


I was asleep until now, so sorry (not really) for the late reply.

7. Phobia:


10. Favourite model:


22. Favourite item or jewellery:


Since you also sent 23 in a different ask, I’ll answer that here.

23. Favourite body feature:



Well, that was easy to answer.

- Allen: : I don't fuck a give!
- Richard: : Allen: I don't fuck
- Richard: : my nigga (y)
- K: : Richard: I don't fuck
- K: : Richard: my nigga (y)
- Richard: : you know it (y)
- Allen: : RESPECT


Damn, I actually got an ask.

1. Meaning behind your url:

No meaning at all. I just wanted a canon Precure URL, and I was fond of Cure Lovely’s Lollipop Hiphop at that time, so yeah.

Though I’m not sure if it’s “Hiphop” or “Hip Hop”. I’m pretty sure the PreCard says, “Hiphop”, but whatever. I can always check with the PreCard merch I’m getting later this month,

3. Biggest strength:

Fuck… Ummm… big whiner? Strong multitasker? Uh….

24. Tattoos you want.

None. I’m not a tattoo fan.

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Lets play the game called “how did you find my blog and what made you want to follow”

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Apparently, I’ve been with this shitty site for two years now.

Why am I still here?